Professional and Financial Domination

WELCOME To the world of

Asmodeus Fox

Beautiful • Mindblowing • Dominant


Your new obsession...


Contribute to My luxury

Take the first step. You know that the money you've worked hard for is better in My perfect, beautiful hands. All you want is to know that you have worked hard to make My life better- perfect, even. I deserve it. 

Pay to be in My presence

You crave to be near Me. You can't think of anything hotter or more fulfilling than submitting to Me in person. You want to see My perfection in person, to witness it firsthand. To be teased, tormented, or used for My pleasure.

Be My full-Time submissive

You've been waiting your entire life to find Me. It's a shame it took you so long. Everything you've ever done has lead you here, to My arms. Let Goddess take complete control. Submit completely. Be Mine. 


Power Exchange

Whether you've always known yourself as submissive or you just want a break from being dominant, you deserve to have what you want, and what you need. You also deserve to serve someone who knows how to make servitude thrilling and beautiful. Submission is a choice. Choose wisely.



Taking a leap of faith requires faith. Kink is about being comfortable in your own skin- or, at least, being comfortably UNcomfortable. The excitement. The thrill. Pushing boundaries. But don't worry, you can trust Me. You can trust Me with ALL of you. Every. Single. Piece.