Your priority is now My happiness. Initiative will be rewarded. Expectations of Me and pointless messages will be ignored or make Me upset. 

Things to know:
 - I am always fabulous. You should not ask Me how I am, because I am always fabulous. 
 - I do not OWE you anything in return for your submission to Me. You are being given the privilege of serving Me. If you demand special attention from Me that I am not already giving you, we will both be upset.
 - Things that make Me happy: Initiative, servitude without expectation, intentionality that I get what I want, interest in Me and My life. 

Slave Rules:
   Rule #1: You will always complete any task given by Me exactly to specifications, and immediately. When given a task, you will reply “Yes, Goddess”. If you are not going to complete the task immediately, you will include a ‘by-when’: “I will complete this task within _ seconds/minutes/days/weeks/etc.” This includes any tasks you see Me post via Twitter.
   Rule #2: It will be 300% clear from visiting your kink-related online profile(s) that you are owned by Me. This can include but is not limited to: changing your name to reflect being My slave, changing your username to reflect being My slave, promoting My posts more than any other Domme’s, etc. You WILL have “owned by @foxthegoddess” written in your bio at all times. 
   Rule #3: You will send Me a “good morning” message every day via Twitter. This will be a public Tweet, in which you praise and thank Me for allowing you to serve Me. Tag Me in this Tweet every morning. You may post the same thing every day, or something different.
   Rule #4: You will join Me on My cam channel whenever possible, and while in that chatroom you will encourage others to join the Leash and tribute Me. If you are signed in as a guest or it is your first time in the room, you will announce yourself to Me so I know who you are and that you are there.
   Rule #5: You will be actively engaged with My social media. You will take initiative in this regard. 
   Rule #6: You will NEVER disrespect or undermine another Domme in My name. You will never disrespect or undermine anyone for their choices, and you will be courteous, respectful, and kind with other subs and Dommes regardless of whether or not they serve Me. 

When you have read this and are clear about your role and the rules, message Me on Twitter with the words “I am clear, Goddess. I am yours.“