Virtual / Online Sessions

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Text Chat sessions

$2 per minute, paid in advance
~ Kik | Twitter | Email | WhatsApp | Snapchat | Google Hangouts Text Chat ~


Video Chat Sessions

$3.50 per minute, paid in advance
~ Kik | WhatsApp | Snapchat | Google Hangouts Video Chat ~

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To schedule an online session using one of the above methods, send your payment to via GiftRocket with a gift note in the following format:

[The platform you're choosing (choose from the list in bold above)]
[Your username on that platform]
Thank You, Goddess

You will receive a message from Me immediately or within 48 hours. Payments sent without a note will NOT be accepted. All payments are nonrefundable.

Phone Chat

My Chat Line:    Call Button

My Ignore Line:    Call Button